Amazon Refunding

Amazon Refunding

Amazon Refunding is the Art of getting Your Money Back while
at the same time keeping Your product/s.

Even if the Account it Not Yours (Cracked) A refund can be done & You can have Items shipped 100% FREE of cost.

So, You're probably asking "How do I do it?"

Here's the Things You Need

1. An Amazon Account (Personal Or Cracked)

2. Make sure the Account has Recent Orders (within 1 Year)
And Write down the Order#'s of the orders You want to Refund
(Must be sold DIRECTLY from amazon themselves)

3. Write Down Name, Address, Phone # & Shown CC info

4. Contact Amazon live chat.
Give Any Info They ask for  
(That's what Info gathered in Step 3 is for)

5. Follow Script Below

 Amazon Agent: Welcome to Amazon, How can I assist You today?

You: Hi, I was Just going Through recent orders And noticed
a few listed as "Delivered" Yet I never received them.

I Checked with My Husband and the Nearby Post office and There's no Package/s.
The Order #'s are "Order#numbers"

Amazon Agent: Can I please have your name Please

You: My name is "Name on file"


Amazon Agent: Thank You for Confirming. Please give Me a moment to look into this issue.

You: Of Course, Take Your time.


Amazon Agent: I've looked into the Issue & am happy to say I can provide You a Full refund for orders "Orders Reported"

You: Can I have this Refunded to My Available Balance

Amazon Agent: Of Course 

(They May even offer without You asking)
After they say the order is refunded You can end that chat & wait for the balance.

After they say that a refund is being processed
The balance could take 24 Hours to show, But usually happens in 20Mins - 1Hour

 6. If Personal Acc, You can save it and use whenever BUT
if its a Cracked account, Get stuff ordered & Shipped before the owner notices the balance.

(Don't Forget to Add a VALID Shipping Address before checkout)
(Choose From Available Balance On Checkout method)


  1. Wow.. Worked exactly the way he said. I kept my peoduct, got my money bacvk and ordered something new. Thanks. That was rad


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