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These Days I go By N0VA, I've taken on MANY Names whilst spending My time in the Cracking Scene. Some of My previous Names include: D1G1T4L, D1G1T4LV01D, cNs, cNsIndustries, Kro|N|oS & The whisper.

I Have been An Account Cracker For the Last 5 Years, A Coder for the Last 2 & Ive Botted for 4 Years. I'm NOT a noob by any means Necessary, But I'm also still learning (Can always Learn More)

In My spare time, I also do abit of PS3 Modding. Mostly on MW3 But on Occasion I'll go on GTAV.

I Also enjoy Coding/Designing C# & VB Tools on Visual Studio.
(Modding/Hacking/Phishing/Gen Tools)

I'm A Seller Of Instagram Followers/Likes, Second Life Lindens, Cracked CC's for Paypal, Verified Paypal Accounts, Dorks Lists, Combo Lists, Proxy Lists, Python Bot Scripts, Site Sources, Phishing pages, Modding Tools, & LOTS More.

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