Want to earn some Bitcoin? READ THIS

Hey everyone, Thought I'd share this interesting way to make some spare Bitcoin.

Doing this is VERY easy and takes little effort.....

How often do You use the internet per day, Specifically Your browser?

IF Your answer was ALOT, then this is for YOU!

Below You will find a link to a New browser, One that is built from the same source as Chrome and actually replaces it quite nicely.

(Click the link below)

One of the amazing features of this particular browser, is the ability to Mine BTC simply by having it Open and Your Mining Power set to On... The More You browse, The more You make.

Want some better news? You can click Your share buttons for bonuses.
Simply share on social Media using the Formatted post and enjoy Your cash :)

Once you get the new browser downloaded, Run it and turn on Your mining Power...
This is done by Clicking the Orange Extension button & sliding the Power adjuster on the page that follows.

(NOTE: You may want to connect your gmail account to secure Your funds)

Hope You enjoy this little method and earn some spare btc xD

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