Olgas Generator v1 (RELEASED)

Hey Everyone, Finally got a new rdp purchased and thought I'd make this Olgas Kitchen Gen to release.

Olgas Generator v1 Generates GiftCard Numbers & then Checks them for a Balance.

1.) Run "Olga Generator v1"
2.) Enter how many valid GC's to Generate
3.) Click "Generate Cards"
4.) Wait
5.) Click "Save Valid Cards" Once the Generator is done

I Hope Yous enjoy the tool, V2 is coming REALLY soon!
Feel Free to donate to the BTC or ETH wallets below to show support.....

BTC: 1NoVArcp2fviDuyvxaLrtM3CdyQC4Ja2Mv
ETH: 0xC86fbBc8F92E9819ED9920f27e8B7570C15976FD

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