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Olgas Generator v1 (RELEASED)

Hey Everyone, Finally got a new rdp purchased and thought I'd make this Olgas Kitchen Gen to release.

Olgas Generator v1 Generates GiftCard Numbers & then Checks them for a Balance.

1.) Run "Olga Generator v1"
2.) Enter how many valid GC's to Generate
3.) Click "Generate Cards"
4.) Wait
5.) Click "Save Valid Cards" Once the Generator is done

I Hope Yous enjoy the tool, V2 is coming REALLY soon!
Feel Free to donate to the BTC or ETH wallets below to show support.....

BTC: 1NoVArcp2fviDuyvxaLrtM3CdyQC4Ja2Mv
ETH: 0xC86fbBc8F92E9819ED9920f27e8B7570C15976FD

New Configs added to the Store!

Check out the link below to purchase some of My never before released Private Configs.
(All Updated to work on BB 2.1.6)

ALL Configs are under $10 and are well worth the price.

I'm Currently accepting Bitcoin & Ethereum.

P.S Be kind and help Me mine some Dogecoin (All it takes is opening the link below in a second tab and keep it running for a while) You might not think it will help, but if everyone does it, then it will.


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