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Rules Of Survival ModMenu (Patched)

Hey guys, N0VA reporting in with a Mod Menu for "Rules of Survival PC"

Simply inject the Dll while in-game and navigate the
menu using the Directional arrows on your keyboard.

NOTE#1: Xenos is a VERY good Injector to use (Get it below)
NOTE#2: The Dll throws an error on inject, Just close the error.

Dll Hack + Injector: http://velociterium.com/17758033/roshackdll-andinjector
Password = 882255

Whats Included?

Wall Hack
Distance Labels
Item Nav

Enjoy xD

Rocketr Store has been Restocked!

Hey everyone.

My Rocketr store has been Restocked.

Combo Lists, Dork Lists, Accounts & Configs available for purchase.

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