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Buy Canadian GiftCards [With Bitcoin]

I was looking around for some way to use my Bitcoin funds, When I came across CoinCards.ca

I thought at first it may be a scam Due to the Simple names in the Reviews
(Josh, Jack, Ben) Ect.

So I decided to start with a small Valued Gift Card.
I chose to Buy a $20 PSN card (Due to the fact my ps+ had run out)

I payed the Exact Bitcoin value asked for.
3 Hours after confirmation I had My PSN Code emailed to My account Email.

To My surprise the site actually worked, Now if I had of read their official Twitter Feed,
I would have never doubted the site, As they have LOTS of recent customer comments, As well as a 30+ 5 star rating on Google.

So, Whatcha waiting for Canadians? Spend Your Bitcoin on some Gift Cards!
*Note: Digital & Hard Gift Cards available

(This is NOT a referral Link, There is NO Referral program at Coincards.ca)
Just thought I'd share the good find :)

Maybe You'll be kind enough to donate some BTC to Me Via the Wallet Below. 

Wallet ID: 1DoNATe1f38wGPTv9fhA3FpGCJWrpQ5ogm

Buy a Vanity BTC Address

I have officially started selling Vanity BTC Addresses.

What is a Vanity BTC Address?

 A Vanity BTC Address, Is an address which begins with a name or Word.
The Higher price ones generally begin with KNOWN names, like SWAG.

ALL Addresses below are currently for Sale.
Each address comes with the Matching private Key
(Private Key needed to Access/Use Funds)


[DONATE] = $10


[BTCPLZ] = $10


[PAYME] = $10


[SWAG] = $10


[PIMP] = $5


[PSN] = $5


[FUCK] = $5


[BOOB] = $3


[JESUS] = $5


[OBAMA] = $3


[TRUMP] = $3


[PENIS] = $5


[PRAGMA] = $10


[XMAS] = $10


Custom Names of YOUR Choice also available, Contact Me in My discord Server to Request a custom One, OR to purchase one of the ones above (If you see em there, They're still available)


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