Generate GiftCards with GiftCarder

Giftcarder is one of the BEST giftcard resources around the internet.

Simply open the tool, Select a module by entering a Number that corresponds to the module.

If the tool asks for a card number, Then you need to enter a valid card number of that module type,
The tool will then randomize certain parts of the number while keeping the main numbers the same
& then it checks those numbers for a balance.

The working cards with a balance are shown in console Aswell are saved into a .txt in the giftcarder folder.

Modules that just ask for threads, do so because one of the coders has implemented their own Card #
into the module, So You only need to select the thread count on these ones..

For thread count, Its best to use 10-30 on most Modules.
For RC Theatres, Use 40 Threads for FAST results.

To manually check the balance of generated giftcards, just search on google for the corresponding site that matches the card.

Example: GOOGLE: "NameHere Gift Card Balance check" :SEARCH

I will update this post as xPolish updates the tool

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