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New OpenBullet Configs (10/2/2019)

*All Proxies are working as of 10/2/2019*

Version fix for Selenium [CHROME]

So You've found or made a tool that runs using Selenium and
You have an Error that says You are running a higher/lower version of chrome than needed.

This is because Chrome "Auto-Updates" Frequently to keep You up-to-date, BUT that's okay.

Here are some Fresh ChromeDrivers to replace the one You have.

How to Use? Simple, Click Your chrome version Above, Then on the
Following page Select Your OS (Operating System)

Once You have the file, Unzip it and replace "chromedriver.dll" in Your tools folder with the NEWLY downloaded "chromedriver.dll" once that is complete then You can run Your tool.

NOTE: If ANY of these links go down, Please notify Me on Discord (User is Below)

Discord User: ItzNova#1109


iBruteOlgasGC by ItzNova#1109 (Gen/Checker)

Hey guys, so turns out My old Olgas Kitchen GC Gen/Checker has died.

BUT I have another one for You all to download & enjoy.

This one is console based, which gave Me more freedom with the way I wanted
to do My threading, and was able to make this way faster than My previous version.

Speed of the tool will depend On both Your Internet speed &Your PC.

Fails will NOT show right as You start. What happens is the tool loads each load of GCs to check at once and then loads the next.... So if You enter 500 Threads, It wont show fails/hits until those 500 have been checked.



GiftCarder CA | By BotBeater [Release]

Hey Everyone, Here to show off this amazing new Giftcard tool.

It has Over 1000 Modules Currently, It has functioning Proxy support and also Solves cap/recap via 
2Captcha, Anti-Captcha, CapMonster & xEvil..

I've NEVER seen a Giftcard tool this fast before, It's quite good.

GiftCarder CA is only 45€/Lifetime Key
Which is a GREAT price for what this is....

Trust me, You DON'T wanna miss out on this one guys....

(Replacement Key Purchase is also Available for 5)

Official Discord Server -> https://discord.gg/8yRNpXe
Official Telegram Server - > https://t.me/joinchat/GxclKFB1EQnTCT6RjjBDDw

CURRENT MODULE LIST -> https://ghostbin.co/paste/ubkk2

PWGhost v3 @ $10USD

Hey guys, I've stepped away from the scene for a while and wont be back for at least a month.

I've lowered the price of My PWGhost Builder from $35 to $10

This price will probably go back up when I return and update it to v4, so get it while its low xD

Don't know what PWGhost is? Check the link below.


Pvt PWGhost Payload FOR Cracked.to Credits

Hey everyone, This is exactly what the title says...

I am giving Private PWGhost Payloads to those who send Me Credits on Cracked.to

What is PWGhost? Check this out

ONLY 2000 Credits for 1 EXE

DM Me on Discord to Start the Trade

Want to earn some Bitcoin? READ THIS

Hey everyone, Thought I'd share this interesting way to make some spare Bitcoin.

Doing this is VERY easy and takes little effort.....

How often do You use the internet per day, Specifically Your browser?

IF Your answer was ALOT, then this is for YOU!

Below You will find a link to a New browser, One that is built from the same source as Chrome and actually replaces it quite nicely.

(Click the link below)

One of the amazing features of this particular browser, is the ability to Mine BTC simply by having it Open and Your Mining Power set to On... The More You browse, The more You make.

Want some better news? You can click Your share buttons for bonuses.
Simply share on social Media using the Formatted post and enjoy Your cash :)

Once you get the new browser downloaded, Run it and turn on Your mining Power...
This is done by Clicking the Orange Extension button & sliding the Power adjuster on the page that follows.

(NOTE: You may want to connect your gmail account to secure Your funds)

Hope You enjoy this little method and earn some spare btc xD

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